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Is Real Estate Still Evergreen?

Is Real Estate Still Evergreen?

Yes, real estate is evergreen from that time that GOD said let the dry land appear or in my own words let real estate appear, real estate has been evergreen-it always increases in value.

Let’s think about it for a moment has your landlord ever reduce your rent for a term say because of recession if you are one landlord have you reduce the rent for a given green?   The answer is an emphatic NO.

I’m known as a real estate guy, which is fine with me. After all, investing in real estate is how Kim and I made the bulk of our money to exit the Rat Race over two decades ago. Robert Kiyozaki

Everybody knows that one of the smartest ways to make serious money is in real estate, in the long run, the largest asset most people ever have at retirement is the equity in their home. The average net worth of a landlord is about 30 times of a renter- According to an article several years ago is (Reader’s Digest).

Obviously, you’ve got to get into a home and if you’ve already purchased your home, you’ve got to learn how to turn it into a cash machine. Better still get into the habit of buying real estate yearly because real estate is evergreen. There is no investment like real estate for versatility and power.


The Best Time To Buy Real Estate  “Is Today”-And This Isn’t Going To Change Anytime Soon. Your real estate will continue to be not only your castle, but also your bank, your cash machine, your forced savings account, and most importantly, your vehicle to rapid retirement and the lifestyle of your dreams.

Owning your own real estate is the first building dock in your empire. It’s the largest and most important investment you will ever make

So learn the creativity and flexibility involved in real estate investing to use it to your advantage because real estate is evergreen. Do not seat on a real estate gold mineral extract it now.

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Before I conclude, you’ve probably heard the three most important things to look for in real estate are location, location, and location you also need to analyse five other things like.

  1. Selilermotivition
  2. Good location
  3. Good financing
  4. Good condition
  5. Good price

All five of these conditions combine to make a great deal. Do you want great deals? Contact me

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